Are there changing facilities and showers?

Yes. Each locker room has adequate space for changing and fully equipped shower facilities. The locker rooms include hair dryers as well.

Are there lockers available in the gym?

Yes, lockers are available. They however cannot be used overnight, so please make sure to remove anything stored in them before leaving the gym each day. Raw is not responsible for any valuables lost when using the lockers.

Do you have bike racks?

Yes, bike racks are available in both gym locations, but you must bring your own lock.

Do you have onsite nutrition consultation and physio?

Raw offers onsite nutritionists and Physio’s, but it’s not included in membership. Contact details are available at gym reception.

Do you offer towels or locks?

We do offer towels and locks, but they are not free. Both gym facilities include vending machines that offer towels and locks for purchase.

Does Raw’s facilities include a pool, spa room and sauna?

No. Raw provides a pared back, “no frills” attitude to fitness, cutting out the excess and instead focusing on high quality gym equipment, expertly run group exercise classes and a superior approach to our members’ success.

Is there parking available?

Yes, parking is available, but it’s limited. Parking is strictly for gym members only and may not be used if not currently using the facility at the time. Vehicles also may not be parked overnight.

General Membership Questions

Do I need to sign-up for classes ahead of time?

Currently you do not need to book in for classes. However, it’s best to allow sufficient time before the class starts.

How do I access the gym?

Gym access will be setup on your first gym visit after your initial payment has been received.

Is there a minimum requirement for a class to go ahead?

No Minimum required

What are the gyms opening hours?

Monday – Friday: 6am to 11pm

Saturday, Sunday & Bank Holidays: 8am to 9pm

What classes do you offer?

Raw offers over 80 classes a week . Check out our membership brochure for class descriptions and timetables.

What kind of gym equipment does Raw offer?

Raw offers a wide range of Olympic Lifting, Bodybuilding and Functional Movement based equipment. This includes Olympic platforms, Hammer Strength machines, dumbbells up to 90 kg, sleds/tires/battle ropes,TRX, boxing equipment, and a wide range of cardio equipment.

Will I be shown how to use the equipment and given a tour of the gym?

All Raw members are entitled to 6-points of contact with a Raw Personal Trainer on sign up. A Raw trainer tests the new member before designing a specific, personalised program based on their lifestyle, goals and level of ability. Each member will meet that PT over 6 weeks to check in with how they’re progressing, assist them with any questions and queries and ensure they get to a level of comfort in a gym environment that they continue to pursue an active lifestyle.

Will Personal Training be available?

Yes, Personal Training is available at all Raw Gym locations. Contact details and qualifications can be found on the Personal Training section on our website.  Each trainer has their own individual pricing, so it is best to select your preferred trainer off the website and contact them directly for their fees and availability. 

How do I apply for Membership?

Can I have dual gym access?

Absolutely. In order to obtain a roaming membership, please fill out the dual membership form here.

Can I try Raw before signing up?

If you wish to trial Raw before joining please click here

How do I become a member?

If you wish to join Raw, pop into one of our centrally located gyms or visit this page here

What is the minimum age to join?

The minimum age for joining our gyms is 16.

Managing My Membership

How do I cancel / freeze my membership?

For 90 days after joining the gym, no cancellations or freezes are allowed. Minimum freeze is 1 month and max is 3 months. Please allow 5-7 working days before billing period to allow for freeze and cancellation processing. If you’ve been a member of the gym for more than 90 days and wish to cancel/ freeze your membership, please see options at the bottom of this page and follow the steps outlined.

How do I unfreeze my membership at a different date than originally set?

If you would like to unfreeze your membership before or after the date set originally please email billing@rawcondition.com.

How do I update my card details?

If you wish to update your card details, please email billing@rawcondition.com.

I have a payment and billing issue, what should I do?

If you’re experiencing any payment/ billing issues please contact billing@rawcondition.com. Please provide as much detail as possible in order for us to process your request efficiently.

Training and Employment Opportunities

How do I apply for the Raw Academy?

To book an Interview with our Admissions Team, you can send your email application to academy@rawcondition.com

I’m a qualified Fitness Instructor / Personal Trainer. How can I get a job in Raw?

If you wish to apply for a job in Raw, email your CV and cover letter to kane@rawcondition.com

What age must I be to apply for the Raw Academy?

You must be over 16 years of age to apply for the Raw Academy.

What is the Raw Academy?

The RAW Academy is a Fitness & Personal Training Course designed by the three industry leaders in Irish Health & Fitness. Successful graduates will obtain the necessary skills to sell and market their own personal fitness brand, while also becoming certified Personal Trainers (Level 4) under the European Health & Fitness Association (EHFA) and Register for Exercise Professionals (REPs) Ireland.

What prior qualifications do I need for the Raw Academy?

No prior qualifications are required to apply for the EQF Level 3 Fitness Instructor Award. You must have an EQF Level 3 Fitness Instructor Award to apply for an EQF Level 4 Personal Trainer Award.

Where is the Raw Academy on?

The Academy will be held in the world class facilities of Raw Gym Sandyford and Raw Gym Portobello.