John Feeley

With an educational background in Sports and Exercise Management and an outspoken critic of over-complicated training programs, RAW PT John Feeley’s opinion on exercise is to keep things simple and keep things consistent. Depending on your fitness goal. whether it’s fat loss, muscle gain, general overall health or a hybrid between the three – John’s method of coaching is to bring everything back to basics. He teaches clients the building blocks of diet and exercise in a simple but incredibly effective way. The use of progressive overload on basic movements allows his clients to not only get the results they desire short-term but gain the tools they need for lasting, sustainable results.

Sinead Kavangh

Sinead is a valued member of the Raw Team, providing both Group and Personal Training for clients in both of our facilities. Sinead’s focus is to help those starting out on their fitness journey. Whether it’s fat loss, toning, strength building or general health and lifestyle coaching, Sinead’s goal is to build confidence in her clients and to help them master the training techniques and eating habits necessary to not only successfully reach their goals but to ensure they’re sustainable. The most important aspect of training is in building a positive mindset and letting your body make you proud of it. This style of lifestyle coaching ensures Sinead’s popularity as one of our top trainers will continue well into the future.

Patrick Byrne

Patrick is one of our best motivators. He loves guiding his clients on their journey to better health and builds lasting relationships with them as a result of his pleasant demeanor. Patrick is incredibly successful at helping people change their lifestyles and lose weight. This is achieved with realistic nutrition plans and tough, yet rewarding workouts. All the same with some work on your behalf he can make your training goals an achievable reality.

Rob Kearney

Rob is a long term member of the Raw Team. Rob loves nothing more than a good Strength & Conditioning Training session or an intensive Zuu class.
He has a passion for developing tailored training programs and has worked with sports teams such as Swords Thunder Basketball team and the Irish under 20’s Basketball team as their Strenght and Conditioning training specialist.
Strength and Conditioning Training is the physical and physiological development of athletes for elite sports performance. In recent years the benefits of Strength & Conditioning training has been recognised as beneficial to all people undertaking a general exercise program. Strength & Conditioning includes but is not limited to plyometrics, speed and agility, endurance and core stability with strength training as one component of your overall training program.

Sinead Keegan

Sinead is a long term member of Raw and is Raw’s resident rebounding instructor. Sinead has been a strength and condition coach since 2012 specialising in group personal training classes. Sinead had a passion for sport since an early age competing competitively in Athletics and achieved a brown belt in Kenpo karate at age 13. Sinead entered her first two bodybuilding bikini competitions in 2015 placing 2nd at Nifma Miss Ireland Bikini and placing 8th at RIBBF Spring Classic. Sinead’s background in fitness is varied, Sinead loves callisthenics and body weight training and loves to motivate clients and help them achieve their maximum potential in a healthy environment. Sinead is a mother of 2 and understands the constraints of everyday life and how to balance keeping fit and healthy within a busy schedule. Sinead is a QNT sponsored athlete.

Adam Byrne